Benefits of studying with Binah

Studying with Binah enables you to advance your knowledge in the Word of God, while preparing you for the ministry. Our online courses and study programs were designed to not only test your knowledge but inspire you to be an asset to the body of Christ.


Our lecturers have many years of experience in ministry, counseling, leadership, etc. You benefit by tapping into their experiences and knowledge.


Our Learning Management System is used extensively by Universities and companies across the world for training and learning purposes. Everything is in one place, allowing you to see your study program and course progress.


At Binah Bible College we provide an in-depth perspective on all our subjects with the focus on Biblical principles and not mere philosophy.


Our course material is based on Scripture context and researched truth of both the Old and New Testament.

Digital and online media is implemented to assist the learning process.

The Binah Spectrum

Binah Bible College is not a seminary where the focus is a single doctrine or theology, nor are we a bible school that only gives superficial and limited content.
Our focus as a Bible College is to challenge each student with their current Biblical perspectives and to expose them to a wider spectrum of knowledge in order to grow in experience, insight and understanding in the context of the Word of God.

We acknowledge the fact that the Church should put out as many men and women in the harvest field as workers because of the times. It is, however, quite shocking to find how many Bible schools and seminaries are sending people out as “pastors” while they are still ill-equipped with Biblical knowledge and understanding and some not even called for the ministry.

With this in mind and from personal experience in the field, our vision is to:

Produce relevant up to date training material and practices of exceptional high standards;Teach with insight and understanding and to instill a spirit of learning and yearning after the truth of God’s Word;Equip and empower the potential leaders with knowledge and leadership skills.Teach and lead them into a personal relationship of faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ;Create /establish a platform for radical discipleship and ministry in the field;Ensure that each student understands the value and importance of the ministry and to live a life of integrity according to a Code of Ethics in the ministry.

Binah Advanced Bible College firmly believes in the following scripture:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. (2Ti 3:16-17 KJV)

The Word commands us to make disciples and not pastors, prophets or doctors in Theology. Although it is not entirely wrong, the focus of the church should be right and our activities aligned with the focus. People should be trained to be disciples first and foremost and it is God’s prerogative to call them to a “higher office” – to be part of the 5-fold ministry. Thereafter we should be able and available to train and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills. Training and knowledge goes hand in hand with the calling to the ministry, in the same sense that the Apostles/disciples had at least a 3 year period of training under the Master Himself.

The establishment of this Bible College was done purely because of the need that exists for the deeper knowledge of the Word of God. Therefore the focus will also be on the personal and advanced level of equipping and teaching. All program leaders on staff have vast experience in the ministry and they bring a richness of knowledge, insight and experience to the table through the lectures and personal facilitation sessions.

A few things we’re great at

We acknowledge the fact that the Church should put out as many men and women in the harvest field as workers because of the times.

Relevant, up-to-date training material and practices.

We do not refer to the mere accumulation of data but rather on the acquisition of greater knowledge.

Choose a cost effective payment plan.

Pay per subject or a complete study program without being penalized for your choice.

Build relationship through discipleship and ministry.

Take part in field ministry outreaches, weekend camps and other social events.

Provide a platform for continued training.

Workshops and short courses are scheduled on regular basis to enhance your learning experience.

What will it cost me?

The Binah Team

Our teams consists of a number of people that has experience in various fields. Each one brings their own unique talent, expertise and experience to the team.

Eric and Venetia Heath


Prof.Heath is the Founder and Dean of Binah Bible College. Sr Venetia assists with quality checking.

Gert and Elize Steenkamp

Technical and Admin

Past Gert Steenkamp handles the technical aspects of the training platform.

Frank and Lorraine Kotze


Dr Frank and Past Lorraine Kotze shares their experience in the ministry.

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