Blended Learning:

From classrooms to weekend Bible camps, a renowned e-learning platform and experienced lecturers… your Biblical studies are within reach! We cater for all of this and even more as the need arises. Instructor led-training is still the most effective way of training, but sometimes distances and costs hampers the learning process. This is where blended or hybrid learning comes into play. With the help of the latest technology and an arsenal of software packages, we can provide an instructor in your own home, at a time when you are free!

Technology allows us to record our instructors, either audio or video, and let them give you the teaching you need, when you need it.

Online studies:

Study online in the comfort of your own home. With Online learning modules, tests and assignments, you can achieve your study goals wherever you are, at the time ov your convenience. All you need is to st set time aside in your schedule and make the effort.

Online learning has become the norm in most secular industries, why not for Biblical studies too? And that is why Binah Advanced Bible College has put in a lot of time into create relevant and inspiring content that will help to equip the leaders of tomorrow.


We use state-of-the-art technology to provide a rich and rewarding learning experience. We have integrated our learning platform with other systems and services to allow student and teacher collaboration, rubrics for assessment of assignment, online payment methods, e-portfolios, competency frameworks and high-end didactic templates. But we don;t stop there. We continuously review the process, find new and exciting ways to make content more appealing and streamlined so that you can concentrate on the learning process.



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