All Binah College study programs are accredited through Therapon University in the US Virgin Islands. The University passed the accrediting test of two world-class accrediting agencies, such as – the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (A.A.A.T.I) and Theological Accrediting International (T.A.I)

In South Africa, the accreditation of Bible Colleges is a voluntary process. We are constantly moving forward, and although we do not have a full SAQA/QCTO accreditation yet, your studies will count towards study credits for these levels in the end.

What is meant by ‘accreditation’?

Accreditation is a process in which certification of the minimum quality standard, competency, skills and application is guaranteed under the authority of a credible and accredited certification body. It is a formal process by which a recognized body, assesses and recognizes that Binah Bible College meets applicable, pre-determined and published standards.


The principles of accreditation is to:

Recognize an organization’s commitment to be accountable for continuous improvement towards excellence and to implement ways towards systematic improvement,

Conduct internal self-assessment and external review analysis in the preparation of a Bible College to accurately assess their learner content, program governance as well as student progress,

Certify that a training college has met the minimum established quality standards,

Assist prospective students in identifying authentic institutions which offer degree programs that will meet their needs and goals,

Allow institutions to evaluate the acceptability of transfer credits into their own curriculum programs,

Compare the College with that of other Universities, Colleges and schools with established processes and quality standards.

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