Recognition of Prior Learning

 So, you worked hard and studied at another institution, but now you need to go a few steps further? Why start all over again?

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Maybe you are interested in completing an Honors degree or a doctorate; maybe you just completed a certificate program somewhere, but find that you need more relevant teaching.

We are here to make that happen.

Binah Bible College has an RPL process in place that allows you to continue your studies without starting from scratch again. We also understand that you have gained a lot of experience in the ministry itself - that too is not wasted. Our RPL assessment tool helps us to evaluate each students competencies based on completed studies and work experience and then put them on the correct learning path from there.

"Batteries Included"

The College will accept prior completed studies through secular schools, seminars, workshops, conferences, as well as previous Biblical and leadership training (and as mentioned, even ministry experience included) for applied credits. The prospective student just needs to submit a complete CV with certified copies of all certificates and degrees during the Induction course on our learning platform, prior to the registration of any study program.

The RPL assessment is an important process and may alter the study course that the student intended to commit to. Upon final analysis, a complete educational program towards further studies or degree will be provided to the applicable student.. The Administration fee includes the RPL assessment - so, get registered!

Application for RPL

There is no separate application required. After student registration and payment of the administration fee, you will gain access to the learning platform. You will then automatically be enrolled on our Binah Induction course, which will take you through the process and provide a specific area to answer a few questions, upload your Portfolio of Evidence and we will continue from there.

New Application

Please fill in the form below to start your application process.

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This will be the first part in your application process. There are no cost involved to apply.

After submitting the form, we will be in contact to give you feedback on your application and the way forward with regards to the appropriate study program.

Once the application part is completed, you will pay a once off administration fee to start the enrollment process or RPL assessment, depending on your experience or previous studies in Biblical ministry.




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